Day One

Set up Website, Review Requirements and Procedures and Start Planning
  1. Read the home page, project instructions page, the rubric page, the copyright and acceptable use page and your topic instructions page.
  2. Create a free website. Be sure to write down the domain name and write the username and password that you create. Below are the suggested blog sites to use for creating your website:
  3. Once your website is created, start setting it up. You can assign themes (the design) to your site. Make sure you publish any changes you wish to save (if using weebly).
  4. By the end of class, you need to complete the google survey on the "Final Project Submission" page to the left. You only submit 1 per group. You will provide a link to your website in this survey, so make sure you copy the link of the saved website (your domain).

*For the rest of class, start planning out your project and assign each team member jobs/roles for the group. You can also continue exploring all of the requirements.