Carbon Cycle and Footprint - Advanced Only Topic
Required Components:

Standards for High School you must complete on your webpages:
SC.8.L.18.3 Construct a scientific model of the carbon cycle to show how matter and energy are continuously transferred within and between organisms and their physical environment.
SC.8.N.4.2 Explain how political, social, and economic concerns can affect science, and vice versa. (costs and benefits)
SC.8.N.4.1 Explain that science is one of the processes that can be used to inform decision making at the community, state, national, and international levels. (find laws about Carbon footprint)

Create one page to:
-Explain Carbon Cycle
-Explain the first standard
-Include Pictures and Examples

Other Required Information (can be one or multiple pages):
-Carbon Footprint
-The second and third standards
-Alternative Energy Sources (especially nuclear energy)
-Costs and Benefits of the different sources
-Energy debates and current news
-What does the future look like for energy?

Bonus Topic:
Environmental Impact of Pesticides